Laptop mockup sets are excellent tools for presenting your work. Ideal for displaying website, projects and client portfolio. The best feature of mockups is that they are simple to use. Placing designs inside is simple, thanks to Photoshop layers. We’ve included some popular sets below to help you choose the mockups you need!



Lucca is one of the ideal collections to showcase your brand. You can use 10 pre-made mockup scenes to present your website. Featuring modern and minimalist scenes, this collection is simple to use. Create wonders by adding your designs to photoshop smart layers! You can also customize the background colors.

MacBook Pro mockups


Dark MacBook collection with 8 pre-made PSD files. Inspired by real concrete floor texture. Perfect for web displays and brand presentations. You can use it for dark or light designs if you wish. It is easy to use.

apple mockup


Another one of the laptop collections. You can present your website and interface with this collection. The best feature of the set is that it is fully customizable. With this collection of 10 PSD files, you can do a great job in just a few clicks.

MacBook mockup psd

Other Sets Including MacBook

You can visit the home page to review our sets including iPad, iPhone, Macbook and more. With these Bundle sets, you can present all kinds of designs and works such as application, website, brand studies, product variety. Note that each set is pretty simple to use! All scenes contain photoshop smart layers.

BONUS; Oslo Devices Mockup Set

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