Instagram post mockup set. 10 perfect pre-made scenes and iPhone 13 pro. The perfect set for creating Instagram posts and stories. Moreover, this set is very easy to use. Colors of all elements, including iPhone, can be changed.

iPhone instagram mockup

Instagram Post Mockup Features

  • Includes 10 pre-made scenes
  • It has Instagram post and iPhone story scenes
  • Using Adobe Photoshop Cs4 or Higher
  • The colors of all items can be changed
  • 1×1 Square Post Size
  • iPhone Body Colors
  • Has extended license

iPhone 13 mockup

This set has extended license. So you can use mockup images wherever you want. Download, open in photoshop, place your designs and start sharing. You can also strengthen your social media shares with this set.

post instagram mockup

Other sets you can buy:

When you purchase the Instagram post mockup set, you can add other sets. Thus, you can present your work by combining different mockup images. e.g; You can add sets such as ipad, a4, web mockup. Here are some of them:

iPad and A4 Mockup Set

Modern and easy to use iPad & A4 mockup set. This set is perfect for creating social media content and branding projects. Contains 8 PSD mockup files. You can use it for light and dark designs.

Website Mockup Set

9 pre-made psd files. Set; It is a high resolution website mockup set. Perfect for business presentations. All files are compatible with Adobe Photoshop. You can buy it together with the Instagram Post Mockup set.

A5 Pack

Another mockup set you can buy is the A5 Pack. Moreover, this whole set consists of mockup images with photographs. You can easily edit 12 PSDs.

Card Vİsit & A5 Set

Here is another one of the photo mockup sets you can buy. Card Visit & A5 Mockup contains a total of 13 psd. Moreover, each of them is minimal.

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